Bring Your Gift To The Marketplace & Supercharge Your Life

March 1, 2012

The Milestone Brand has partnered with many workplace experts to help employees learn their Gift in 2012!

When people have command of their Gift; they are more motivated, encouraged, creative and excited about their work. Milestone Research (a division of The Milestone Brand) suggests that Gifted professionals have larger networks, get promoted faster and receive more job offers. As the economy rebounds; it’s imperative that individuals move into positions that allow them to use their Gift.

Therefore, the company is launching their most important project under The Milestone Brand; 2Million12!

The company’s desire is to help 2,012,000 people in 2012 learn their primary Gift through the Milestone Marketplace Gift Assessment.

Explanatory Video:
Bring Your Gift To The Marketplace & Super Charge Your Life |

Upon completion; employees will receive complimentary eBooks, audio’s and book excepts from many workplace experts akin to Mark Sanborn, Willie Jolley, Regi Campbell and many more.

If you have a friend, family member or co-worker that would benefit from learning their Gift; please have them take the complimentary assessment at the link below:

Milestone Marketplace Gift Assessment:
Click Here

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