3 Leadership Lessons from Lou Ferrigno

March 15, 2012

Mike Myatt, Contributor

If you find it a bit strange that I enjoy watching NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, don’t worry – so do I. As the business snobs will quickly attest, the show clearly isn’t going to break any new ground on complex business theory. It does however offer great insight into how people think and act in team settings. The show is a live human leadership experiment well worth watching if you’re a student of human interaction. In today’s column I’ll share a few leadership observations gleaned from one of this year’s celebrity cast members: Lou Ferrigno (a.k.a. The Incredible Hulk).

While I respect Lou Ferrigno for what he’s accomplished in his life, in just a few short episodes of The Apprentice, he’s provided a master class in what not to do as a leader or team member. While some might suggest Lou’s career history (bodybuilder, actor, speaker) lends itself to ego-centric tendencies, his behavior on The Apprentice has taken self-centered toxic behavior to a whole new level.

While it’s clear that most cast members like The Hulk as a person, it’s also clear they have no use for him whatsoever as a team member. In a relatively short period of time Ferrigno has completely alienated himself from the rest of the cast. Why? He’s only interested in what’s in it for Lou. He doesn’t listen, doesn’t care about the project or it’s outcome, he’s only interested in how he looks, and how he can showcase his skills. Bad Hulk…

Following are 3 quick leadership lessons based upon observing Lou Ferrigno’s performance thus far on The Apprentice:

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