Dr. Peter J. Daniels

February 19, 2011

Marketplace Gift of Administration
People with this gift:
– develop strategies or plans to reach identified goals

Area of Superhuman Performance
– Operations

Peter J. Daniels, (born in 1932 in Adelaide, Australia) is an Australian life coach, writer, and professional speaker.
Daniels has authored thirteen books, including How to Reach Your Life Goals and How to be Happy Though Rich.
Daniels came from a disadvantaged background and was challenged with illiteracy in his early years. His family was third generation welfare recipients, he has two alcoholic brothers, 4 fathers and 2 mothers. Many of his relatives have been in jail. He failed at every grade in school and became a bricklayer. At 26 years of age he was hopelessly in debt, and attended a Billy Graham Crusade on May 25, 1959. He attributes his life change and subsequent success to that meeting.

After reading 6,000 biographies, Daniels went into business three times, failing each time, but avoiding bankruptcy. He subsequently managed to build a large real estate business in Australia and South East Asia and serves as a director and chairman on a range of international boards.

Described by Dr Norman Vincent Peale as the best speaker in the world, Daniels has been speaking on personal development for over 30 years.

Daniels married his wife Robina in 1955 and has three children and eight grandchildren.
Initially Daniels wanted to become a champion boxer and he still hits a speed ball.

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