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How To Get Your MOJO Back: NBC News4 (Washington DC) – Derrick Miles

The Best Gift For The Holiday Season: News 14 Carolina (North Carolina) – Derrick Miles

Using Your Gift At Work: Good Life 45 WTGL (Florida) – Darrayl Miles

How To Be Happy At Work: ABC 11 Eyewitness News (North Carolina) – Derrick Miles

Finding Your Gift At Work: NBC 17 “My Carolina Today” (North Carolina) – Derrick Miles

Encouragement: TCT Television Network (Illinois) – Derrick Miles



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“Past Media”

KKPZ “The Truth”
Kingdom Business Forum with Vicki Norris and Patrice Tsague
Portland, OR

WKRS “The Voice of Lake County”
Personal Best with Kristen Tews
Chicago, IL

Hero Entrepreneurs
With Dino Herbert
Washington, DC

American Dream
With Jin Robertson
South Korea

The Wealthy Speakers Show
With Paul Lawrence Vann
Washington, DC

The Chris Treece Show
(The Hottest Show on the Internet) with Chris Treece
Knoxville, TN

Real Coaching Radio-TV Network
Unopened Gifts with James “Mac” McPartland
Orange County, California

Full Potential TV Show
Full Potential TV with James Rick
Las Vegas, NV

Media For Success
With Jay Earley

Soundview Live Webinar
Executive Book Summaries

Living Your Best Life Radio
With Nashville Social Elite Genma Holmes
Nashville, TN

KDKR’s Career Solutions Radio Program
Helping Others Achieve Significance with David Rawles
Dallas, TX

“Upcoming Media”

TCT Television Network
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Worldwide; 1.5 Billion Viewer Reach

Supercharge Your Life Radio Show
Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC

Recent Featured Article:

One Million Entrepreneurs: Dreamers. Doers. Unite
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Divine Magazine: A Place For Everything Inspirational!
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Business Our Way: The Superhuman Experience
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The Business Journals
Author and Business Leader Derrick Miles Featured on SoundviewLive Webinar
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Business Leaders Maximize the “Gifts” of Your Employees, Make them Superhuman Performers
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CBS MoneyWatch
Superhuman Performance, Book Series Features George Foreman, Keith Harrell, Pat Williams and Others
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HPC MarketWatch
Knockout Entrepreneur George Foreman Shares Superhuman Performance with Darrayl and Derrick Miles
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ChristianPR News
Orlando Magic’s Legendary Pat Williams Highlights the Magic of Teamwork” in Superhuman Performance
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Financial Content
Random Act of Kindness Fuels Superhuman Performance; Features Chick-fil-A Franchisee Terry Butler
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Business Insider
Milestone Motivation’s Superhuman Performance Radio Show Sponsored by John David Custom Clothiers
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Expert Contribution:

Exceptional People Magazine
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Bloomberg Businessweek
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Entrepreneur Connect
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Interview Topics:

1. Customer Service Makeover:
How To Dramatically Improve Customer Loyalty

2. Hiring Right The First Time:
Strategies To Hire for Passion and Reduce Turnover

3. Leadership Failures:
Why High Income Earners Eventually Burnout

4. You Got Laid Off:
How To Get Your MOJO Back and Use Your Gift to Land Your Dream Job!

5. What We Should Have Learned From Ted Williams:
Guy With The Golden Voice

6. The Sports Industry Has It Right:
Techniques To Provide a Coaching Platform for Every Employee

Sample Questions:

1. What do the lagging customer service companies akin to AT&T, Sprint, Time Warner and Bank of America have in common?

2. What must leaders do to reverse the trend of greater than 75% of U.S. employees being dis-engaged from their work responsibilities?

3. Manpower estimates that 84% of workers will look for a new job in 2011. The report states that employees are fed up with pay freezes and higher workloads, but you believe other factors are at play?

4. Over 12 Million people were laid off during the downturn in the economy, how can one get their Mojo back and secure their dream job?

5. Ted Williams (Guy with the Golden Voice) was an overnight sensation, what should have the world learned about themselves with his meteoric rise to fame?

6. Some of our world greatest athletes have a coach, why is it important for every employee to have a coach to improve their performance on an annual basis? Coaching can be expensive, how can corporations provide coaching for all employees?

Darrayl Miles Biographical Information:

Darrayl Miles is an influential entrepreneur, devoted father, passionate communicator and mentor. He is co-founder of Milestone Motivation and is co-host of the Milestone Motivation’s Superhuman Performance Radio Broadcast.

Darrayl is also President of the Miles Agency, an Allstate Insurance Agency. In four years under Darrayl’s leadership, the company grew to a $3.6 million agency with over 3,000 customers. Leveraging his expertise in productivity improvement and performance enhancement, Darrayl reduced the company’s loss ratio by 33% and improved customer loyalty by 14% in less than 18 months.

Prior to running Miles Agency, Darrayl spent 11 years working for Fortune 100 companies in training, sales and product management where he was responsible for multi-million dollar accounts. His productivity improvement and partnership engagement efforts led one organization to $26 million sales growth in less than three years and helped other company to grow market share by 20% in fewer than five months.

Skills garnered in the Fortune 100 business world combined with Darrayl’s entrepreneurial leadership ability are what guide his work with Milestone Motivation. Darrayl credits his success as an entrepreneur to discovering his spiritual gifts early in life. These gifts enable him to be of greater service to individuals, organizations and the community as well as to help others to recognize their own gifts that can lead to Superhuman Performance.
Darrayl Miles “Mr. Discernment” Printable Bio

Derrick Miles Biographical Information:

Known as The Encourager, Derrick is the President/COO of The Milestone Brand Inc., a professional development and training company helping corporations and individuals alike achieve Superhuman Performance®.

The Milestone Brand has identified that the primary reason for burnout, frustration and ineffectiveness in the lives of employees is their failure to utilize their gifts, internal resources and the gifts of others to positively impact the marketplace and communities.

Through thousands of hours of research and hundreds of interviews with top executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities and faith-based leaders, Derrick has co-authored the much anticipated book series Superhuman Performance: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels.

Using the Milestone Collaboration Method and the many products under the Superhuman Performance brand, readers, listeners and seminar participants are able to realize rapid improvement in their personal and professional development. This concept allows individuals to obtain the position, get the promotion, generate the profits and live the life that they deserve.

Prior to establishing The Milestone Brand, Derrick worked for 12 years in hospital leadership, holding numerous executive-level positions in health care organizations across the country. He led operations and logistics for facilities with over 140,000 patients and that served more than 40,000 children each year. In his various positions, he had fiscal operation revenue responsibility of $60 to $200 million. His productivity improvement and cost-savings initiatives have added millions of dollars to the top and bottom lines of leading organizations. Known for his encouraging and approachable leadership style, Derrick has been instrumental in motivating, coaching and assisting future leaders. Today, through The Milestone Brand, Derrick employs his gifts to help corporations and individuals identify and fully utilize their gifts so they can achieve Superhuman Performance®.

Derrick received both an MSHA and MBA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He also holds a BS in Medical Technology from Bethune-Cookman University. He is Board Certified in Healthcare Administration by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Derrick Miles “The Encourager” Printable Bio

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Title: Superhuman Performance: Utilizing Your Gifts To Perform at Extraordinary Levels (Hardcover)
Authors: Darrayl and Derrick Miles
Status: Available Now!

Title: Superhuman Performance II: Utilizing Your Gifts To Perform at Extraordinary Levels (Hardcover)
Authors: Darrayl and Derrick Miles
Status: Available Now!

Superhuman Performance Book Series in eBook Format:
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Title: Superhuman Performance: Utilizing Your Gifts To Perform at Extraordinary Levels (eBook)
Authors: Darrayl and Derrick Miles
Price:$7.69 to $8.19 per download
Status: Available Now!

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Executives, entrepreneurs,celebrities and spiritual leaders discuss the gifts and techniques they have used to perform at superhuman levels. Stay tuned every week, previous and future guests include Ken Blanchard, Keith Harrell, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Dr. Peter J. Daniels, Mark Chironna, George Foreman, Reinhard Bonnke, Os Hillman, Darlene McCoy, Darren Hardy, Larry Julian, George Fraser, Pam Perry, Pat Williams, Gilbert Esquivel, Tom Blackaby, Jay Lowder, Apostle H. Daniel Wilson, Steve Marr, Abraham McDonald, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Kevin Harrington, Miles McPherson, Wess Morgan, Canton Jones, LeCrae, Buck Jacobs and many more. If you would like to be a guest of the Movement that is Motivating people to use their Gifts to achieve “Superhuman Performance®” please email


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