Dr. Peter J. Daniels Business Seminar (Promo Video)

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We are honored that Dr. Peter J. Daniels provided content for our upcoming book series “Superhuman Performance: Utilizing Your Gifts to Perform at Extraordinary Levels.” To express our sincere gratitude, we are utilizing our Gift of Giving to assist Dr. Daniels to realize his goal of changing the world for 300 years. A portion of Dr. Daniels goal includes speaking in churches all over the world at no cost (no travel, no honorarium, no room or board). This summers visit will only require the purchase of “Superhuman Performance” for the participants of the business seminar so that the attendees learn the importance of utilizing their spiritual gifts in every aspect of their life.

Dr. Daniels is currently scheduling venues for August 2011 to encourage Christians to go into business and win every-time. Please click on the video below to obtain a sneak peak of what a Dr. Peter J. Daniels Business Seminar would look like at your church this summer. At the conclusion of the video please contact Derrick Miles (derrick@milestonemotivation.com) to obtain more details.

The rise of Peter J. Daniels was painfully slow. As an adolescent he worked full-time in menial jobs until he became bricklayer and stonemason. Many times his work schedule would begin at 6am and end at 10pm seven days a week. He became a born again Christian at a Billy Graham Crusade on May 25, 1959 in South Australia. Not long after that he believed that God had given him two dreams. The first one was to see how much money one human being could give away in their lifetime and the second one was to change the world for 300 years.

At 29 years old, he purchased three dictionaries to learn words and practiced pronunciation and speech by listening to British broadcasting on radio (who in those early days spoke impeccable English). Without a tutor or mentor he studied economics, politics, modern and ancient history, theology, economic law, philosophy and business. He soon found out that the mind was like a muscle and could be developed. He has personally read over 5,000 biographies.

For nearly two decades he built a thriving business in real estate in Australia with South-East Asian connections. He is personally wealthy, an international author, and one of the world’s highest paid strategic planners and public speakers. He has the only corporation in the world with its own bank and currency! In 1984, he launched his first book that was the catalyst of the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, which has a no-debt philosophy and is one of the largest suppliers of Christian business education programs in the world.

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