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April 9, 2012

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One year ago, NBA executive and motivational speaker Pat Williams revealed he has multiple myeloma, an incurable, inoperable cancer. He declared that day, “The mission is remission.”

Pat, who is a member of the Growing Bolder TV show on-air team, returned to the Growing Bolder offices to participate in an exclusive Growing Bolder/Orlando Sentinel livechat. He sat down with us to answer questions about his treatment and to share some exciting news about his health.

As the Growing Bolder team shared his answers with the online audience, our cameras were rolling and captured Pat sharing the grueling story of his treatment and why he thinks we ALL need to prepare our bodies for the fight ahead.

Watch this video, then click here to read the full transcript of the conversation and get inspired to wage and win your battles in life, no matter the challenges.

Want to hear more from Pat? Check out:

— The Mission is Remission

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