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August 16, 2011

The Devin James Group helped establish creditability for the “Superhuman Performance®” brand through media exposure. Even-though we hit a snag in the process, the results were phenomenal! Below is a brief synopsis of their ability to swiftly change focus and deliver value to our platform product.

Situation Overview:

What we found as the largest hurdle was the fact that the book we were to promote was never delivered to the client by the editor and since the entire campaign would be leveraged on the pending release date of the book some efforts were aborted and caused us to switch gears in the middle of the campaign.


We quickly adjusted and developed a new strategy that positioned Derrick Miles as a subject matter expert, instead of promoting the books themselves and were successful in securing earned media with the new direction.


TV – NBC Washington News 4 Today Feature
Print – Divine Magazine, Christian – Memphis TN
Online – One Million Entrepreneurs

Celebrity Quotes:
“In life and business you need a trainer, a motivator, someone who’s preparing you for the things that lie ahead. The Miles brothers are two young men that are an inspiration to me and having been a two-time world heavyweight boxing champ, entrepreneur, ordained minister and author I know the Superhuman Performance message will transform people,” says George Foreman, Two-Time World Heavy Weight Champion, Author, Serial Entrepreneur and contributor to Superhuman Performance.

“Working within a sports franchise I can’t help but express the value of teamwork, a faith-based approach to problems and mutually benefitting relationships. Although I have been fortunate enough to work with Derrick and Darryl I am still very much a fan and avid supporter. In these economic times people need to understand mediocrity and the traditional way won’t cut it. Which is why I know Superhuman Performance will improve performance and productivity in any setting,” says Pat Williams, Sr. VP of the Orlando Magic and contributor to Superhuman Performance.

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