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Great Entrepreneurs Build Deep People Connections
Forbes Magazine
By Martin Zwilling

Entrepreneurship is more about building a business than inventing a product. It’s more about the quality of the execution, rather than the quality of the idea. Most importantly, it’s more about being a proactive leader who connects to customers and the team deeply, rather than a bright light that struggles to be seen amidst the glare of a million other bright lights.

Achim Nowak, noted business coach and author, in his new book “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within,” talks about how technology today allows entrepreneurs to communicate at a furious pace. They exchange more emails, texts, and tweets every day. Yet many know less and less about how to really connect, and get people to commit to their business or product.

I’ve seen this all too often in my own work with startups. More noise always means more hours a day working, but it doesn’t necessarily mean more business or more productive connections. Nowak talks convincingly about how successful entrepreneurs connect deeply with others at the highest of four levels, with less effort and more results:

Level one: Talk at the social level. Talk is the first of four levels of communication. It is the surface of many business experiences, and some people never get beyond this level of relationship. They don’t engage with a measure of skill and ease at this level, which actively inhibits any resonation at a deeper level. You need to move past this level quickly.

Level two: Connect through personal power. Every entrepreneur has personal knowledge and strengths which can get them past the social level in connection. These should include professional position, existing relationships, specific expertise, professional appearance, and passion for your cause or business. Use them effectively.

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