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The Simple Solution For Improved Performance
by Mike Myatt

Why is it corporations default to spending large sums of money in an attempt to solve relatively simple problems with overtly complex implementations? What if I told you there is a single, very simple cure for most maladies ailing the business world – would you believe me? What if I could offer you the proverbial silver bullet for building trust, aligning interests, improving performance, and managing risk – would I have your attention? What if I told you the solution I’m offering is the lowest cost and easiest method for ensuring innovation and corporate sustainability – are you in yet? In today’s column I’ll give you the answer to the questions – all you have to do is put it into practice…

Okay, here it is…establishing a framework of accountability is the lowest cost, most practical, and most productive method for building trust and increasing performance. Mull this over for a moment and you’ll find this is true at the individual, team, or enterprise level. While esteemed business theorists often miss this, great leaders never do – accountability is really nothing more than a common sense understanding that decisions made within a framework are going to have a greater chance of success than those made in a vacuum.

Whether we’re addressing the topic of personal or corporate accountability, you’ll find the following statement to be true 100% of the time: decisions vetted in the full light of public view will by default go a long way toward the prevention of impulsive acts, hidden agendas, delusional thinking, and self-dealing. So why is it so many people resist being held accountable? The sad truth is they’ve bought off on the myth of autonomy.

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In this series, the Miles brothers called on their friends who many regard as some of the world’s most powerful leaders and influential personalities to partner with them to “Transform Organizations and the Lives of Millions of People around the World.”

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